Alabama Practice Permit Test

Living without a driver’s permit/license can be difficult, but getting one is within your reach. Use our tests to practice before taking the Alabama DPS Permit / Sign test. Get as close as you can to the actual DPS test from the comfort of your home computer. See for yourself! Randomized questions enable a different test every time you take it. There are different format options to choose from. See your score at the end of each test and find out the right answer if you missed any. Take the test as often as you want without registrations or trial periods. We are sure you will find continued practice for your Alabama DPS Permit /Sign Test useful—no sign ups, no trials. And, hey!—tell your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Practice and the roads of Alabama will be yours!

Choose how you would like to take the test.

Choose how you would like to take the test.


Who may I have in the car with me while driving with a permit?

Learner's License - Fifteen year old. The "Y" restriction indicates that the holder may operate a motor vehicle while accompanied by a person who is 21 years of age or older and, who is duly licensed in this state or a licensed or certified driving instructor occupying the seat beside the operator. Learner's license - Sixteen Year Old. The "Y" restriction indicates that the holder may only operate a motor vehicle with a licensed driver occupying the seat beside the driver.

What’s next after I apply for my license?

Once you’ve completed your 30 hours of behind-the-wheel practice and held your learner's permit for at least 6 months, it’s time to head to the Alabama DPS for your road exam to get your provisional license.

Where can I drive with a learner’s permit?

Any place that is legal for a licensed driver to drive. Be smart when your first starting to drive and don't get yourself in situations that you will be easily overwhelmed.

Will I be required to take a vision test to receive my driver’s license?

Yes, If you wear corrective lenses, you should wear them during the exam.

What is the legal limit for drinking and driving in Alabama?

Under 21 .02%. 21 or older .08% and Commercial .04%

Where do I find the nearest place to apply for a driver’s license?

Your local Alabama Department of Public Safety office is the place to go when you are ready to apply for your license. If you need additional help finding your local office, visit

What age can I apply for my license?

The minimum driving age in Alabama is 16. However, there are certain exceptions and restrictions: Learner's License - Fifteen year old may obtain a restricted Learner's License for the purpose of learning to safely and effectively operate a motor vehicle.

Where do I go to take my permit test?

When you’re ready to apply for your learner’s permit, go to your local Alabama DPS office and submit:

  • An original or certified U.S. birth certificate. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  • Proof of Social Security (e.g. a Social Security card, school enrollment form with SSN).
  • Proof of school enrollment or graduation (e.g. an Enrollment/Exclusion Form (Form DL1/93), GED certificate, certified letter from school officials stating student is enrolled).
  • Proof of enrollment in Driver’s Ed, if you are 15 years old.
  • Payment for the $5 learner's permit test fee and $23.50 license fee (no checks).

Can I use the driver’s manual when I take the permit test?

No, this is not an open book test. Study the driver's manual and practice our test and you will do well.

What documents do I need to bring with me when I go to apply for my learner’s permit?

There are a few documents you will need when you go to take your permit test. You are going to need at least one document that verifies your identity such as a:

  • Valid, unexpired US Passport
  • Certified Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Valid, Permanent Resident Card
  • Unexpired employment authorization document
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad

You will need one document that verifies your Social Security Number such as a

  • Social Security Card
  • A certified letter from the Social Security Administration stating the person’s name and Social Security Number
  • W-2 Tax Form
  • Medicare/Medicaid Card (if SS# IS FOLLOWED BY THE LETTER A)

You will also need at least 2 documents that verify your address such as

  • Voter Registration Card
  • School Enrollment Documentation
  • Social Security Benefits statements/summary mailed to physical address
  • Utility bill less than 90 days old
  • Proof of payment of residential property tax.

Does it cost to take the permit test?

Yes. $5 for the learner's permit test (no checks).

What should I do the night before I take my permit test?

If you’ve prepared well for the permit test, the night before the test shouldn’t be too stressful. In fact, you should be able to relax a little.

  • No Last Minute Cramming - Whatever you do, don't ignore that study guide until the night before the test. If you try to cram the night before, you can be sure that you will not do well. You'll be stressed out, and you won't remember much. It's just not an effective, although it is a common one. Instead, give yourself 4-6 weeks to prepare. Go through the study guide studying the material and taking practice tests. The night before the test, simply spend around 30 minutes reflecting on your studies.
  • Get a Good Night Sleep - You're sure to be a little nervous the night before a big test. That's pretty normal. Still, you need to try to get a full night's rest if possible. Don't cram for a test the night before. Instead, avoid caffeine, and stay at home. I suggest a long walk or some other form of exercise the evening before a test. Exercise helps you sleep better and relieves stress. Don't forget to set your alarm. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get ready and find the exact location of the test site.
  • Breakfast is Not an Option - Start the morning of the test by getting up on time. Don't hit the snooze button today! A refreshing shower will help you wake up and feel energized. Be sure to eat breakfast. Breakfast is not an option on test day. Even if your stomach feels a little nervous, you need to eat. This will actually help settle your stomach.
  • Keep a Positive Attitude - Your attitude is everything on test day. If you go into a test believing you will perform poorly, you probably will. If you are prepared for the test, and hopefully you are, you are likely to do well. Don't upset yourself with negative self talk. This will never improve your test scores, so don't go there! Instead, why not replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Tell yourself that you are prepared for the test, and you know you will do a great job. A positive attitude will help quell any nervousness, and it will give you needed confidence on test day.

Is a drug test required to get a learner’s permit?

No, a drug test is not required.

Should I read the entire driver’s manual?

Yes, you should be very familiar with the driver’s manual. Use our practice test to test your knowledge but use the driver’s manual to study. If you do this you will be successful.

What will I need to know in order to pass the permit test?

Expect to know Alabama traffic laws, road signs, and rules for safe driving. All material will be taken from the Alabama Driver License manual. Subjects will cover sharing the road, meaning of road signs, navigating Intersections, speeding consequences, drinking and driving laws.

What is the best way to study for the permit test?

Read and study the Alabama Driver’s manual until you are comfortable that you know the material. Then you can use our practice test to test your knowledge. Take our test as many times as necessary. Don’t use our test as a study guide that is not what they are intended for.

How can I tell when I’m ready to take the permit test?

First, ready the entire driver’s manual the questions will come from the manual only. Second, practice out test until you are consistently scoring high each time you take it.

Will I need driver’s education in order to get a license?

Alabama drivers under 18 have a choice of completing at least 30 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice or completing a driver education course approved by the Alabama State Department of Education.

What common mistakes should I avoid when taking the permit test?

The biggest mistake most people make is not studying the driver’s manual and only taking the practice test. You must study the manual!

How is the test graded?

You must get 24 out of 30 questions correct.

Does Alabama require a physical in order to get a permit?

No, a physical is not required to receive your permit.

Who should bring me for my permit test?

If you are 15 years old when you go to apply for your permit, your parent or legal guardian must bring you. The only other person who may bring you at this age is a driving instructor. If you are 16 or older, any responsible licensed driver age 21 or older may bring you.

How many questions are there on the permit test?

There are 30 questions on the permit test. You must get 24 of the correct.

Will I be asked to parallel park?

No, parallel park is not a requirement.

Can I practice driving anywhere in Alabama?

Yes, you can practice any where it is legal to operate a vehicle. But do not get into situations that are over stressful or over your head this could be dangerous and hurt your confidence.

What should I bring to the DOS center for the road test?

You will need your learner’s permit (make sure it has not expired), $23.50 for your license fee, a well maintained vehicle, proof of insurance and a licensed driver age 21 or older.

Where do I go to take my driving test?

You will need to go to your local Department of Public Safety office. If you need additional help finding your local office, visit

What things will I be asked to perform on my driving exam?

You will need to demonstrate to the examiner that you can make proper right and left turns, change lanes, use marked and unmarked lanes of traffic, back up the vehicle and make a quick stop if necessary.

Can I wear contacts/glasses when taking my road test?

Yes, matter of fact if you normally wear corrective lenses, you must wear them during the exam.

How do I make sure I pass my road test the first time?

A lot of practice. Nothing is going to prepare you for the road exam except time behind the wheel.

What are the most common errors I should avoid on the road test?

You definitely want to avoid:

  • Violating a traffic laws.
  • Speeding.
  • Closely following a vehicle.
  • Causing an accident that you could have prevented, regardless of legal fault.
  • Refusal to perform any maneuver instructed by the examiner.

How do I schedule my driving test?

You request must be made 48 hours prior to the preferred date of test and can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance. Request may be by phone or by e-mail.

Where can I find a driving school in Alabama?

Right here on this page.

What should I be practicing to get ready for the road test?

  • Steering: Steer smoothly whether you are driving straight ahead, turning or backing up.
  • Acceleration: Accelerate smoothly and moderately. Don't race the engine or cause it to stall.
  • Braking: Bring the vehicle to a stop gently. Start braking well before your stopping position to avoid abrupt stops. Make sure you stop your vehicle in the proper position of the lane.
  • Clutch/Gears: Always be sure your vehicle is in the correct gear. With either an automatic or a manual transmission, shift into the proper gear at the right time without ""grinding"" the gears.
  • Speed: Obey the posted speed limit, of course, but also adjust your speed properly due to weather, road, visibility and traffic conditions.
  • Following distance: Keep an adequate space""cushion between your vehicle and those you are following. Use the ""two second rule"" described in the Driver's Manual. Be sure to increase your following distance in poor weather or visibility.
  • Traffic signs, signals and markings: Know the meanings of signs, signals and pavement markings, and obey them consistently.
  • Stopping position: If a stop is required, stop your vehicle before it reaches an intersecting street. If stop lines or crosswalks are present, stop before crossing them. If your view is blocked after stopping behind the crosswalk, move up until you can clearly see your way, then stop again if necessary.
  • Lane selection and position: Keep your vehicle in the proper traffic lane, especially when preparing to make turns. Don't allow room for another vehicle to pass you on the side that you are turning toward.
  • Communication: Let other drivers and pedestrians know which way you want to go. Use your directional signals or horn consistently and at the proper times.
  • Observation: Look for and identify potential problems or hazards in the traffic around you - not just straight ahead, but behind you and on either side. Check your mirrors frequently, but be sure to look over your shoulder behind you when changing lanes or backing up.
  • Anticipate and react: Anticipate possible driving errors by others and be ready to react safely to make up for their mistakes.

What should I do the night before my road test?

  • Think positively. As soon as you get up in the morning, tell yourself that you are going to get through the day calmly.
  • Make sure you eat a good breakfast. Even though you may be nervous and have lost your appetite eating breakfast is very important. Research has shown that your brain needs food to concentrate, so give yourself some food for thought!
  • Dress comfortably. Make yourself feel good.
  • Arrive in plenty of time. You should be present in the test center at least ten minutes before the appointed time of your test. If you are late the test will be canceled, and the fee will be forfeited.
  • Just before the test. Relax by taking a few slow deep breaths. Clench and then relax your muscles to relieve tension.
  • Remember that some nervousness is normal and that it can improve your performance.
  • Listen carefully to the examiner's instructions. Act on them in good time, and ask for them to be repeated if necessary.
  • If you make a decision that you think could be misjudged by the examiner, explain your reasons while you drive.

Who can ride in the car with me during the driving test?

When you take your driving test it will just be you and the examiner. No one else is allowed in the vehicle.

Will the DOS office let me borrow a car for the road test?

No, if all possible try to use the vehicle that you have been practicing in the most. If you can’t use that vehicle make sure you do practice some in the vehicle you take your test in. Also make sure the vehicle you use is clean and in good maniacal condition.

What things should I keep in mind when driving for the first time?

  • Expect the Unexpected.
  • Never go faster than you can control.
  • Expect other drivers to act erratically.
  • Be prepared to react to other road users.
  • Respect ALL users of the road, be they driver, cyclist or motorcyclist.
  • Always adjust your driving for safety in bad weather or adverse road conditions.
  • Never drive distracted.

What are the limitations on my driver’s license?

If you are under the age of 18, you will receive a license with restrictions. Restrictions include not being allowed to drive between midnight and 6 am for the first 6 months. Check out your driver's manual for other restrictions.

What happens after I pass my permit test?

The most important thing for you to do now is to practice as much as you can. This means getting behind the wheel as much as you possibly can. Ask an adult family member or friend with good driving skills to ride with you. Or, you can use the services of a professional driving teacher. If you do not have a trusted and skillful driver to drive with, a professional can help you pass your practice permit test with flying colors. At first you will be awkward. You will make mistakes with your braking and gas skills. If your car has a manual transmission, you will jerk the car from time to time. You will feel like you are all left feet and thumbs. Many people feel most comfortable in a deserted area or an empty parking lot at first. Not only are these locations safe to make mistakes in, but you will not be under any pressure to perform.

What happens after I pass my road test?

First congratulations you did it! Once you’ve paid your $23.50 license fee you will be issued your temporary license with your picture on it showing that you have the privilege of driving in Alabama. Your permanent license will arrive in the mail in thirty days.

What if I fail my driver’s test several times?

Don’t give up. There is no limit to the number of times you can take your road test. You may want to think about hiring a professional instructor.

I failed my permit test, what now?

It is time to hit that driver’s manual some more. Also keep practicing our test until you are confident you can master the test.

When is the next time I can take my written test if I fail?

After you do some more studding and practicing our test. Time wise there is no limit.

I have failed the road test when can I retake it?

You will need to do some more practicing and work on the things you are week in. Once you are ready, you may take your test again. You can only take one road test per day.